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Monday, December 6, 2010

Wikispace Excitement!

     I love getting great ideas from great teachers!  In reviewing a coworker's website, I found myself drawn to her, "Distinguished Learner Club."  After thinking about how I could modify it to work in my primary classroom (and doing a little research online), I came up with a plan!  

     On my website, students and parents can visit the, "Distinguished Learners Challenge" link to see over 70 possible challenge tasks, divided by content area.  In an effort to introduce my students to some Web 2.0 tools ( and to get them as excited about them as I am ), I added a technology challenge section, too.  In order to complete the technology tasks, the students (with help from their parents) have to become members of the wiki that I created.  Once they are members, they can then complete the two technology tasks posted on the wiki.  

   I decided to spotlight and as the two websites which the students had to visit to earn credit for the tech challenges.  I have been SO EXCITED to see the number of students who have taken part in these challenges, thus far!  After introducing it to the class last Friday, I came home to find three Vokis and two Glogs posted on our Wiki!  Three other Vokis have also been added today! 

   I love that they are not only learning to create Vokis and Glogs, but they are also learning about Wikis and how to embed their work on the page (the students and their parents)!  I'm ridiculously giddy about it! :) 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

First Blog Ever!

Well.... here goes!  

      Since attending the annual NYSCATE conference, I've been motivated to take risks and try new things.  After hearing about what a great networking tool Twitter can be, I immediately activated that account that I once created and never used.  I've since become a "follower" of many inspiring and resourceful educators.  Their "tweets" have led me to numerous useful links and tools online.

   While hearing about Blogger and blogging before, I never overcame my fear of the unknown, and just taken the first step to try it - until now! I've created this blog as a way to reach out to my colleagues (and other educators) to share inspiring ideas and lessons!