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Friday, November 25, 2011

Pumped Over Pumpkin Mousse Pie!

  So, I had to miss our Thanksgiving feast on Tuesday, due to the fact that I had minor surgery.  I wasn’t going to miss all the fun though, so I planned a “How To” lesson, which required we make a pumpkin mousse pie!    Since it was the day before my surgery, I was on a liquid only diet so I couldn’t enjoy eating the pie, but oh did we have fun making it. Plus, the highlight for me is seeing how excited the kids are when they realize that they actually like the pie! 

         During this time of the year, Our writing lessons are all about. “How To” pieces.  This worked very well for the pumpkin mousse pie lesson. 

         Prior to starting , I explained to the students how we were going to be writing a book.  I told them that the book was going to be about how to make a pie.  They were pretty excited.  I went on further to explain that in order to be an expert to write the book, they need to have some experience making a pie.  When they found out we were making pies they were pumped.  I then told them the type of pie that we were making, which kind of deflated some of them a little.  Now, I have to say, my coworker and I used to do this lesson together with both of our classes.  The recipe came from her. I too was a little deflated the first time I found out what type of pie we were going to make.  I’m all about pie, however, I have never been a fan of pumpkin pie.  That being said, I made it, tried it, and LOVED it.  I enjoyed it so much that I have made it for my family Thanksgiving dinners the past couple of years.  Anyway, I digress!

         To begin, I gave each child the graphic organizer below. I explained how we were going to break this into four steps.  I asked them for suggestions on how to start each step.  We eventually agreed to start the different steps with the following key words:  “First,” “Next,” “Then,” and “Finally.”
How ToGO

         Once the students had their graphic organizer set up, we discussed the first step: “First, gather all of your ingredients.”  Since this was our first, “How To” piece,  I kept it simple!  While they were writing the first step, I pulled out all of the ingredients and told them about each one we were using.

         After the first step was written, we moved on to the “Next” step: “Next, mix the ingredients together.”  I called up volunteers to help pour the ingredients into the bowl.  Prior to putting in the ingredients, I walked around and had the children use their senses to investigate the pumpkin, ginger, and cinnamon.  They were all grossed out by the pumpkin!

         After the ingredients were mixed, we did the next step: “Then, pour the mix in the tins.”  I found individual graham cracker crust mini pies. They worked perfectly!  Each child was able to get their own mini pie.  Again, while I was pouring, the students were writing the third step.

         Last but not least, it was time for the last step: ‘Finally, eat it!”  Before I let them eat it though, I had them cut out the picture boxes and their writing.  They then glued each step (and the matching pictures) into the pie book template we cut and prepared ahead of time!

Then, it was time to dive in.  I definitely converted some!  I was getting emails from parents telling me how they were now adding pumpkin mousse pie to their Thanksgiving menu as their child wouldn’t stop talking about it! Love that!!  While I still had some that didn’t enjoy it, that was fine because they at least were willing to try it! 

                                      I’ve attached the recipe below!!
Pumpkin Mousse Pie

Happy Teaching (and Thanksgiving),

     Mindy Wolf

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